About Sapatero Manila
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About Sapatero Manila


Sapatero was born out of a passion for shoes, the craftsmanship required in making them, and a common goal of revitalizing the industry of Philippine shoemaking. We thought that in this age of industrialization and automation, an industry built on craftsmanship alone could not thrive without a solid foundation of supporters and enthusiasts so we set to create our market.

Each and every pair of Sapatero shoes go through weeks of labor in the hands of our highly skilled team of craftsmen with decades of experience.

We trusted that with the careful and traditional process of how we make our shoes, people would support the quality and beauty of what we offer, and that if presented well, we could compete globally and put our homeland back in the map for shoemaking.

With high quality materials, high level of skills and utmost care given to each pair of shoes in our workshop, we wish to fulfill our Mission of bringing back Shoemaking in the Philippines --- one pair at a time.