About Sapatero Manila


Established 2013

Sapatero Manila was born out of a passion for shoes, a reverence to the art of creating one, and a common goal of revitalizing the tradition of Philippine Hand Made shoemaking. Set in an age where industrialization and automation have taken over, we took it upon ourselves to keep the craft alive, develop it to higher standards, and pass on the expertise and skills to a new generation of shoemakers.

Situated in the shoe capital of the Philippines, we gathered the most skillful artisans, acquired the best calfskins from all across Europe, and produced fine footwear that aim to be a standard of quality not just in our home country but also throughout the world.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

We pride ourselves in making shoes in the highest standards of quality. Sapatero is the only known shoemaking house in the Philippines to still practice the traditional method of Hand welting. It is where the insole – feathered and channeled – is hand stitched to the upper, and then through a leather strip known as welt. With one seam running through the insole, upper, and welt, the shoe is fully sealed. This traditional method of shoemaking takes only the most skilled craftsmen to execute, and gives Sapatero shoes superior durability compared to other construction methods.

Exquisite Aesthetics

The finest footwear is made using a combination of our shoemakers’ excellent abilities, and the most sublime leathers and materials we could get. We believe that the two must go hand in hand in order to deliver a product worthy of global recognition. Every shoe from Sapatero is hand cut and made from only the finest calfskins and naturally tanned leathers from renowned tanneries in France, Italy, and England. As time passes, Sapatero shoes acquire a patina, which not only gives more character and style to the shoes and wearer, but also serves as a testament to their very many paths ventured together.

The Essence

We make sure every detail in our shoes is perfectly executed as each pair is considered a work of art, elevating the style of the gentlemen wearing them. We perceive our shoes as more than just “footwear;” a pair of Sapatero shoes is a masterpiece that carries within it a promise and responsibility to strive for handmade perfection. Our endeavor is a continuous commitment to the development and refinement of the craft, the passing down of the skillset to the future generations, and keeping the craft alive – one pair at a time.